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Electrodialysis is an electromembrane process, during which ions are transported through a semipermeable membrane under the influence of an electric field. Electrodialysis has several advantages compared with other methods of liquid purification.

The degree of extraction of pure water reaches 90-95%.

Another significant advantage of electrodialysis is the fact that the membranes of this apparatus are resistant to the action of active chlorine of higher concentrations than the baromembrane desalination plants, which is important in certain industrial processes.

The electrodialysis method is effectively used for:

desalination of sea water in obtaining drinking or technical water
Desalting of liquids containing radioactive elements
desalting sewage of galvanic production
extraction and concentration of valuable inorganic components from wastewater
demineralization of whey
demineralization of raw glycerin
alkali hydrolysis reductions
extraction and return to production of acids and alkalis from sewage after the restoration of ion-exchange resins
removal of tartrates from wine materials, and juices stabilization of pH
purification of pharmaceutical substances
desalting solutions containing organic substances
production of mud solutions for gas and oil wells

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