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ABS PLASTIC (liqued plastic)
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ABS PLASTIC (liqued plastic)

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Perepelakova Darja
marketing manager
,  Рига, LV
на Флагма с 14 мая 2020


Two component odorless polyurethane system. Very liquid casting resin with quick curing. Suitable for superficial casting and solid casting (also at high thickness when filled with filler). The working time allows parts of medium to large size to be realized. Thicker casting can also be done by casting a new layer on the previous gelled layer (within 10 minutes). The greater the filler load, the lower the shrinkage. Medium fast cure.
Very high reproduction quality. Low exothermic peak. Low shrinkage.

Processing data: A + B
Mixing ratio: 100: 100
Processing time at 25°C: 3-4 minutes
Exothermic peak at 25°C: 82-92°C
Gel time at 25°C: 5-7 minutes
Demolding after: 1.0-1.5 hours
Max recommended thickness: 10-70 mm

Номер объявления: 1719036
,  Рига, LV
на Флагма с 14 мая 2020

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Perepelakova Darja
marketing manager
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