Viljan MCK modulaarinen kuivaus
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Viljan MCK modulaarinen kuivaus

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Линник Валерий
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,  Харьков, UA
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Quality, versatility and efficiency are modular MCK grain dryers.

Grain drying complexes are equipped with hoppers for dry and wet grain, transport equipment, but the key role is played by the grain dryer.
Properly and timely grain drying procedure improves its storage stability and can improve its taste. There is also an alignment of grain mass in terms of moisture content and degree of maturity, improves color, appearance, accelerates the maturation of grain. Moreover, drying stops the life of microorganisms and pests.

Main technical characteristics of modular continuous grain dryers:

• Modular grain dryers MCK operate in two modes - in the mode of "drying and cooling" (continuous) or "drying" (portion).
• Factory pre-assembly ensures quick installation of dryers on site.
• The thickness of the grain column is 30 cm, which ensures uniform removal of moisture from the inner and outer walls of the grain column.
• The automatic temperature control system automatically adjusts the flow of grain through the grain dryer at different humidity levels. The discharge rate of the drying product is adjusted based on the readings of the most accurate thermistor.
• Aluminum rolls, located along the entire length of the dryer unloading, are controlled by an motor with an automatically variable speed and regulate the rate of grain unloading from the dryer.
• Adjustable burner ensures maximum efficiency at all operating temperature levels.
• Grain dryer control panel, allows you to adjust the temperature of the air heating, the flow of fuel (liquid propane or natural gas), control the operation of electrical mechanisms and, in general, easy to operate.
• Sieves with 1.2x12 mm openings are used on the dryer, which are suitable for drying various crops, including rapeseed.

Advantages of modular grain dryers MCK:

• Due to the multi-stage drying zones, high temperatures are applied to grain with a higher moisture content as soon as it enters the grain shafts.
• A gradual decrease in temperature allows the grain drying process to be completed, to improve its quality and to save energy.
• MCKs with multi-stage drying zones provide exceptional flexibility, fuel efficiency and higher quality grain output.

Features of MCK grain dryers:

- Natural gas or liquid propane can be used as fuel for modular MCK grain dryers;
- Grain dryers are suitable for working with small crops;
- All models of grain dryers have aluminum galvanized sieves.

Description of grain dryer:
1. The panels of the upper receiving section.
2. The thermistor monitors the grain temperature.
3. The outer sieve is made of aluminum inner of galvanized steel. Optional stainless steel grilles are available.
4. Quick-release hatches allow quick unloading of the grain dryer during ignition.
5. Rollers feed grain for unloading along the entire length of the grain dryer, control the speed of grain passage.
6. The electric motor of a loading auger. All motors have mechanical and thermal overload protection as well as magnetic actuators.
7. The upper service area is included in the standard delivery.
8. The chamber for supplying heated air to the drying chamber.
9. Centrifugal fans of bilateral air intake.
10. Burners.
11. Control panel.
12. The strength of the welded base is calculated taking into account the further increase (modernization) of the grain dryer.

Culture Productivity of grain dryers
МСК - 1 МСК - 2 МСК - 3 МСК - 4 МСК - 5 МСК - 6
In Drying mode
Wheat 19%-15%, t / h 23 47 65 83 100 120
Corn 20%-15%, t / h 25 47,5 55 86 97,5 117
Corn 25%-15%, t / h 17 29,5 34 39 48 58
Barley 18%-13%, t / h 12 23 33 45 56 70
In Drying and Cooling mode
Wheat 19%-15%, t / h 19 36 50 63 78 90
Corn 20%-15%, t / h 14,5 28 45 53,5 68 85
Corn 25%-15%, t / h 9,5 18,5 26 31,5 40,5 51
Sunflower 17%-10%, t / h 8,5 17 24 30 37 46,3
Rape 16%-8%, t / h 5 12 19 24 31 45

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на Флагма с 12 июня 2018

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